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BECCA™ Non-slip Baby Slippers

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Normal socks or slippers just won't do when you have an active baby. This is why these BECCA™ Non-slip Baby Slippers were made to give babies the freedom to carelessly run, jump, crawl, and play. The baby shoes are from the wearing feel like normal socks, but by the solid sole extremely durable and protect your child. The sole is designed so that your child always has a secure grip on the ground. In addition, our BECCA™ Non-slip Baby Slippers is available in many different designs and sizes.


✅ Non-Slip & Funny Design

✅ Flexible & Durable

✅ Machine Washable & Breathable

✅ Suitable For Indoor & Outdoors

✅ For All Foot Shapes & Sizes

✅ Supports Natural Foot Movement


Your child is always active on his feet and that indoors as well as outdoors? Then you should always keep your child protected. With the BECCA™ Non-slip Baby Slippers your baby is always safe on the go. Thanks to the non-slip sole, your child always has a secure footing and that on any surface. Every child has their own taste, so we offer our shoes in many different fun designs. Don't worry that your child will hurt himself while playing, because from now on he is always on safe feet.


Don't stress about putting on your child's shoes. With the BECCA™ Non-slip Baby Slippers you can put on your baby's shoes in just 2 seconds. This is only possible because of the flexible and breathable design. The shoe feels like wearing a sock for your baby, but has a firm and durable sole. So he is protected with every step from bumps, slipping and even volatility. Whether playing outside or at home. The shoe is made of 100% cotton and lightweight silicone. This makes our shoes suitable for any size and foot shape in addition, this can be easily washed in the washing machine.


Step 1.
Unpack the package carefully to avoid damaging anything

Step 2.
After you have unpacked your ordered shoes, you can get your child and put him/her on the floor or on a chair, for example

Step 3.
Put the shoes on your child and check if everything fits

Step 4.
Done! Your child can now romp and play without hesitation, is always safe and comfortable on his feet