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Sandy™ - Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers

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Every woman is looking for shoes that are not only a wonderful addition to their shoe collection but are also extremely comfortable. These Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers are the ideal Slippers for every woman. The many beautiful colors of these Slippers mean that there is always a pair that will fit your style perfectly.

The sturdy footbed of the Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers puts your feet in the right position which corrects your whole posture. You can prevent or eliminate pain by wearing these Slippers every day. The strap across the instep and toe make this sandal fit securely around the foot so you always feel confident.

The many benefits of these Comfortable orthopedic Slippers:

Corrects your posture - the Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers feature a perfectly shaped footbed that ensures your foot sits straight in the sandal for a perfect posture that can prevent back pain.

One style for every woman - whether you're looking for a sandal with a muted color that goes with any outfit or a sandal with a bold print that perfectly matches your style, the Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers are for every woman.

Comfortable fit - the Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers feel very comfortable around your feet allowing you to wear them all day without foot pain.

Durable material - because the Comfortable Orthopedic Slippers are made of a premium material, they will not discolor from exposure to sun or rain and will stay in perfect condition throughout wear day in and day out.