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Tanita - Orthopaedic ladies' trainers

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Damesschoenen Maattabel

Stylish, comfortable, breathable, sweat-absorbing


Our shoes are designed, tested and approved by our team of professional shoemakers. We make our shoes with the highest comfort and quality available.



A classic not to be missed

Ademend_en_verfrissend,_negeren_de_hitte_en_benauwde_voeten (1)

The inside is breathable and not stuffy, and the feet are still dry and odour-free after a whole day of wear. The outer skin is soft and sturdy and there is no trace of bending and wrinkling many times, and it can still restore its original appearance. durable and hard-wearing.

Ademend_en_verfrissend,_negeren_de_hitte_en_benauwde_voeten (3)Ademend_en_verfrissend_en_negeren_de_hitte_en_benauwde_voeten (4)

The feet are our only support when we walk. The shape of our feet and the way we walk have a great impact on different parts of our body. Therefore, it is important that we take care of our feet by choosing the best footwear to ensure proper posture.

Less stress on your joints means you can stand without pain. Ideal for anyone who is on their feet for more than 8 hours.

Do you have to stand for hours and often have pain as a result? Good footwear will help you reduce your discomfort. These shoes are designed to reduce foot pain and improve posture. They allow you to walk or stand for hours without discomfort.


The shoes are easy to put on and take off thanks to the lace-free design. This model is lightweight, comfortable and made of high-quality, breathable materials. They are ideal for everyday wear.
The shoe is equipped with a non-slip rubber sole that provides excellent grip even on rainy days.


✅ Correct posture. Eliminate pain by aligning the toes in their original position and reduce stress on the joints.

✅ Good arch support. Our models are designed to distribute body weight evenly and ensure a balanced posture.

✅ Easy to put on and take off. The elastic design on the sides saves you time when putting them on and taking them off and ensures all-day comfort.

✅ Breathable and lightweight. Our specialists have selected the ideal materials to ensure all-day comfort.

✅ Non-slip. The rubber sole provides a good grip on the floor and more safety.

✅ Wide and comfortable. The width of the shoe is 5.5 inches.

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